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Alma Mater Society

To serve and represent the diversity of students at Queen’s University.

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Alma Mater Society


Although not included here, Assembly and the Board of Directors govern the Society as well. Assembly is the ultimate decision-making body for the non-service, policy and political affairs of the Society. The Board of Directors plays a strategic, fiduciary, and human resources role in the corporate side of the AMS. For more information on these groups, visit the Governance section above.
Alma Mater Society

Meet the Team

The Executive have come together to serve the vibrant student body that constitutes Queen’s University and provide an unparalleled student experience. With a desire for brevity and realism, Team ETC has established a platform with four primary pillars: Community Building, Student Engagement and Trust, Transparency and Communication, and finally, Advocacy. Now, more than ever, we see a great need to strengthen the greater AMS community both internally and externally.

Our Executives

Zaid Kasim


Tiana Wong

Vice President (Operations)

Ryan Sieg

Vice President (University Affairs)

Our Senior Management Team

Anika Chowdhury

Commissioner of Campus Affairs

Jacob Marinelli

Commissioner of External Affairs

Samara Lijiam

Commissioner of Social Issues

Brian Seo

Commissioner of Clubs

Jessica Wile

Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability

Maddie Zarb

Director of Communications

Laura Devenny

Secretary of Internal Affairs

Peter Brickell

Director of Marketing

Ashley Cowie

StudioQ Head Manager

Josh Bolton

Queen’s Student Constables Head Manage

Chris Yuen

Peer Support Centre Head Manager

Summer Chen

Student Life Center Head Manager

Jack Martindale

Common Ground Head Manager

Paige Flippance

P&CC Head Manager

Amanda French

Walkhome Head Manager

Meghan Soares

Tricolour Outlet Head Manager

Paige Redmond

Food Bank Head Manager

Aysha Tabassum

Queen’s Journal Editor-in-Chief

Shelby Talbot

Queen’s Journal Editor-in-Chief

Government Managers

Jessica Chu

Assistant Commissioner of Clubs

Jenna Huys

Equity Affairs Manager

Callum Robertson

Housing Resource Centre Manager

Nicole Sobolewski

Talent Acquisition Manager

Erica Johnson

Chief Electoral Officer

Aaryan Chaudhury

Government Affairs Manager

Shayna Tierney

Marketing Research Manager

Isabela Rittinger

Education and Outreach Manager

Kate Burke Pellizzari

Judicial Affairs Manager

Mia Sunner

Academic Affairs Manager

Service & Research Managers

Charlotte Minnes

SLC Outreach Manager

Ellen Ford

SLC Operations and Sustainability Manager

Sahiba Gulati

SLC Marketing Manager

Rohini Datta

SLC Reservations Manager

Averee Mitchell

Queens Student Constables Logistics Manager

Josee Lalonde

Peer Support Centre Outreach Manager

Angela Li

Peer Support Centre Marketing Manager

Amaiya Walters

Peer Support Centre X CARED Project Coordinator

Anisa Moisson

Printing and Copy Centre Logsitics and Staff Relations Manager

Paige Flippance

Printing and Copy Centre Purchasing and Productions Manager

Kripa Shaji

Printing and Copy Centre Marketing Manager

Erica Guistiniani

Tricolour Outlet Marketing and Online Assistant Manager

Sierra Holas

Tricolour Outlet Travel, Administration Assistant Manager

Emma Cathcart

Tricolour Outlet Purchasing and Custom Ordering Assistant Manager

Yoli Wang

Queen’s Journal Business Manager

Haleema Raja

Studio Q Publications Manager

Andrew Laver

Studio Q Video Manager

Niki Boytchuk-Hale

Studio Q Graphics Manager

Nada El-Sayed

Studio Q Photography Manager

Phallon Melmer

Common Ground Marketing Manager

Charlotte Blaiklock

Common Ground Staff Relations and Administration Manager

Harrison Gauthier

Common Ground Purchasing Manager

Name Goes Here

Walkhome Marketing and Outreach Manager
What Sets Us Apart

Our Mandate


To represent Queen’s University students within the university and externally by working to further the best interests of the members of the AMS, giving particular concern to representation on issues related to education.


To provide services and activities to students, as well as to act in a facilitation role for services and activities as appropriate.


To cultivate a sense of social awareness and responsibility in its membership.


To serve as a liaison between the various affiliated student societies.

Photo Gallery

Some Photos of Our Staff, Events & Clubs


Become Part of Our Team

Whether you’re looking to gain experience in a field of interest, or looking for a part time job in a supportive environment, the AMS has a variety of opportunities to offer!

Common Ground Service Staff, Part Time


Secretary of Internal Affairs


Commissioner of Campus Affairs


“They listen, advocate and
I enjoy being involved.”

Get involved with AMS and make a difference.

For Inspirations, Special Offers and Much More

Effective May 1 2022 our new address is (Lasalle) 146 Stuart Street, Kingston, ON K7L 2V8
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